According to Scandanavian mythology, there exists a legendary sea monster that dwells deep in the darkest depths of the sea. Known as the Kraken, this octopus like beast is known to violently attack ships with its inescapable tentacles. Once seized in its deadly grip, the Kraken mercilessly drags the vessel and all onboard into the dark waters to be devoured whole.

We designed Kraken Bat Grip to allow baseball players to grip the bat with the same strength and ferociousness of this legendary beast and bring opposing pitchers to a savage demise.

Kraken isn't just about being sticky. Our formulation combines strong tack strength (stickiness) with exceptionally strong shear strength (two materials moving against each other) to help prevent any slip between the hand and bat at contact to maximize the transfer of power from the barrel to the ball. It feels different because it is.

Mythical performance

Kraken Bat Grip was founded by baseball players with the sole focus of developing the best grip products. We brought together a team of chemists, adhesive and wax experts and a broad group of high school, collegiate and professional players. After hundreds of formulation iterations, extreme temperature testing and tens of thousands of swings of the bat we have created what we believe to be a next level bat grip product.

Kraken uses authentic pine tar and an innovative blend of waxes and unique tackifiers to afford the player a long-lasting, strong grip and superb feel. Our proprietary formulation provides a wide temperature tolerance that can be used effectively in cool to hot weather.

From paper tube tear away sticks, plastic push-ups, aerosol sprays, and old school pine tar with rosin powder, baseball players have their choice of a wide variety of different grip products. From gooey to hard, clean to messy there is a lot to choose from. What one player prefers another may not want anywhere near their bat. What works in some weather may not work as well in others. For players looking for a long-lasting, high tack, strong shear strength stick that gives them the unique feel that only comes from genuine pine tar and that can be used in cool to very hot conditions, we have the product for you.

Kraken Bat Grip works on BBCOR, aluminum, composite and wood bats and other sports equipment. Though designed with baseball players in mind, Kraken can be used with equal effectiveness on softball bats and any sports equipment for grip enhancement.


Kraken Bat Grip is located in Orange County, CA. We craft and hand pour our sticks with the same devotion and dedication as the players who use our products bring to the game of baseball. We hope our products help you grip the bat and violently destroy the baseball like the mythical beast of the sea.

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